Green Tea Extract –Clinically proven, all natural, thermogenic ingredient that is known for its ability to boost your metabolism and help your body burn more calories at rest without any significant side effects.
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Raspberry Ketones – Naturally occurring ingredient found in Raspberries that are proven to raise metabolism and help your body burn more calories at rest. They are what give raspberries their distinct tangy flavor and also act as a powerful appetite suppressant to reduce the random cravings that can all too easily derail a weight loss journey.
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Green Coffee Bean Extract – Not only improves your mental sharpness and focus, but also doubles as a safe, naturally occurring, way to block your body’s natural inclination to store excess calories as unwanted fat.
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Garcinia Fruit Extract – Clinically proven weight loss aid that works by reducing your body’s creation of new fat cells in addition to helping release more fat from existing fat cells and preventing additional fat storage. This all natural ingredient also functions as an appetite suppressant specifically for carbohydrates, making it easier to stick to most modern diets which focus on carb restriction.
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Olive Leaf Extract – Helps regulate healthy thyroid hormone levels to ensure that your metabolism is always operating at maximum capacity while also being assisting in the healing of worn out muscles post exercise, leading to faster recovery times so you can hit the gym refreshed the next day.
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Forskohlii Root Extract – Triggers the release of fat from the fat cells while preserving hard earned muscle mass. Keeping your strength and muscle while training hard keeps your resting metabolic rate high, which prevents plateaus and stalling while dieting. Also has a long history of increasing oxygen intake as it was used as a traditional folk remedy for asthma.
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Bacopa Leaf Extract – Prevents your metabolism from slowing down as you lose more and more weight. Plateaus are inevitable but this is one of the most potent plateau busters on the planet. Also demonstrated to raise your mood, which is an overlooked yet equally important factor in maintaining motivation in your weight loss journey.
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